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After massive success in Sheffield, Xclusive Kitchen is now designing and installing media walls in Barnsley, Huddersfield and Wakefield. We now offer interest free finance and a huge ten-year insurance-backed guarantee.

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What is a media wall?

A media wall typically refers to a large-scale display system for showcasing various media content forms, such as images, videos, animations, and interactive presentations. It is a visual platform designed to captivate and engage viewers in public spaces, events, exhibitions, corporate environments, and sitting rooms.
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In today’s digital age, how we consume information and engage with content has undergone a significant transformation. The media wall is one of the most innovative and impactful developments in this realm. A media wall is a large-scale display of multiple screens or LED panels that create an immersive visual experience. From corporate events and trade shows to retail environments and public spaces, media walls have become a powerful tool for communication, storytelling, and audience engagement.A must-have for every household.

Media wall - without Fireplace

A media wall without a fireplace is primarily focused on providing a centralized location for media consumption and organization. It often consists of shelves, cabinets, or compartments to store and display media components and cable management systems to keep the wiring organized and hidden.

The design and configuration of a media wall can vary widely depending on personal preferences and available space. Some media walls may be sleek and minimalist, while others may incorporate decorative elements or additional storage options.

These media walls are commonly found in living rooms, home theatres, or entertainment areas, where they serve as a dedicated space for housing and organizing electronic devices and media collections. They provide a streamlined and aesthetically pleasing solution for integrating media equipment into the room design.

media wall without fireplace

Media Wall with Fireplace

A media wall with a fireplace combines the functionality of a traditional media wall with the addition of a built-in fireplace. It is a versatile and visually appealing unit that serves as a focal point in a room, providing entertainment and warmth.

The media wall with a fireplace typically features a wall-mounted or recessed fireplace, often electric or gas-powered, integrated into the design. Depending on the specific design and layout, the fireplace component can be placed below, above, or alongside the media equipment.


The combination of a fireplace and media wall creates a cosy and inviting atmosphere, allowing for the enjoyment of both entertainment and the warmth and ambience of the Fireplace. It offers a seamless integration of technology and traditional comfort, making it a popular choice for living rooms or entertainment spaces.

The design of a media wall with a fireplace can vary greatly depending on personal style and preferences. Depending on the desired aesthetic, it can range from modern and minimalist to more ornate and traditional.

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