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Kitchens of all shapes and sizes all benefit from having enough kitchen storage, but it's not just having enough that makes it beneficial. Getting the right layout in order to maximise space and make the room functional and easy to use is key. Storage for kitchens is designed to keep essentials organised and to reduce clutter so you can enjoy your kitchen space freely and have your ingredients at hand for your next culinary masterpiece. From customising your pantry with floor-to-ceiling shelves or drawers to rotating carousels for corner cabinets.
Hide away your bin with a pull out or door fitted bin, leaving your kitchen free from standing bins that need colour matching.
Choose a simple wine rack for storage or pick a refrigerated wine cooler to keep your bottles cold and ready to drink.
A kitchen island can be used for worksurface, your kitchen hob you with valuable additional storage in your kitchen.
Ceramic worktops are a highly popular, hard wearing, heat resistant, yet affordable option, ideal for modern styled kitchens.

No doubt the lack of storage in your kitchen has irritated you at least once or twice. Trying to find a place for everything can be frustrating, so when you’re planning a kitchen refurbishment, it’s well worth thinking about your personal storage needs, and how you can accommodate these in your plans for your upgrade.

Ideas for kitchen storage

Whether your kitchen is spacious or compact, there are lots of ideas out there for innovative kitchen storage which will help you keep everything clean, neat and organised. You could consider:

  • A custom pantry: Even in a small kitchen, building in a custom pantry can make storing all your bottles, jars and paraphernalia much easier. Larger kitchens can opt for a walk-in pantry, whereas those who are tighter on space could have a floor to ceiling cupboard that opens up to generous shelves and drawers.
  • Corner cabinet storage: Kitchen corners are notoriously difficult to make the most of, so talk to us about ideas for maximising your corner cabinet storage. From diagonal drawers to pull out pan racks, bi-fold doors to rotating carousel solutions, we’ll help you make the most of those awkward corners.
  • Pull out bins: Hide your ugly bin away in a drawer or cupboard and make it easy to access with a pull-out solution or by fitting it to a door. If you’re often frustrated with finding places to keep your recycling, talk to us about multi product bins and recycling cabinets too.
  • Kitchen island: A kitchen island not only adds a new worksurface to your kitchen area, it also provides valuable additional storage too. You can choose a fixed model, or even a rolling cart type island for versatile, movable storage and worksurface.
  • Wine racks: If you love a glass of wine at the end of a busy day, a custom wine rack can be a great addition to your room. Choose a simple rack which is just for storage or pick a refrigerated wine cooler to keep your bottles cold and ready to drink.

We have loads more ideas to help you create the organised, stylish kitchen of your dreams, so why not talk to our design team to find out more about what you can do. Simply tell us your kitchen challenges, and we’ll be happy to present you with solutions.