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The essence of the Modern Kitchen can be summarised as elegance combined with subtlety. A Modern Kitchen encompasses current technology and functionality combined with style, reflecting the sort of lifestyle you are probably envisaging for yourself. Finishes generally start with a vast expanse of white overplayed with splashes of colour. Concealed lighting, easy-clean surfaces, and stainless-steel equipment combine to provide both a sharp look and a light airy feel.
Wood finishes, sometimes using aging techniques
Solidly built from high quality materials such as oak
Decorative touches on cabinets, light fittings and handles
Luxury countertops from materials such as granite or quartz

We all love our mod cons. Whether it’s smart home gadgets, recipes on our iPads, or the latest kitchen aid, we Brits love a bit of technology in our homes. When you’re investing in a new kitchen, you can build in the technology and modernisation you love, perfectly accompanied by beautiful contemporary style.

Why choose a modern kitchen?

Modern kitchens are highly popular with people living in apartments or in smaller modern homes where space is a premium. Building in technology means no ugly wires for things like speakers, TVs, and lighting, and picking built-in options for microwaves, dishwashers, and other modern staples. Designs can lend themselves perfectly to your modern lifestyle, featuring easy-clean surfaces, quiet close drawers, and added extras such as wine chillers.

As well as being highly functional in smaller spaces, modern kitchens can really jazz up older homes, or those with generously proportioned rooms. Incorporating very modern styles into period properties is highly fashionable right now and can lend an air of ‘grand designs’ to your new kitchen. Whatever you have in mind, our team is here to help you make it a reality.

What does a modern kitchen look like?

Typically, modern kitchens are all about creating light, space and an airy feel to the room. Even when a kitchen is not the largest, it is still possible to achieve this look thanks to the properties of modern materials typically used in these designs. When we design a modern kitchen, we might look to incorporate things like:

  • High gloss surfaces: Both easy to keep clean and very reflective, bouncing the light around the room.
  • Pops of colour: Modern kitchens are typically a great expanse of white, but adding a feature wall, colourful splashback, or statement appliance, can add some fun and frivolity to your modern design.
  • Metals: In a modern kitchen, metal fits in really well. Whether it’s stainless steel cooker hoods or brushed aluminium splashbacks, adding metals really works well with the sleep lines of the modern kitchen.
  • Hidden lighting: Building downlighters into the base of the high-level cupboards gives more options for lighting the room, letting you have appropriate illumination for the task you are undertaking.
  • Built-in appliances: Modern kitchen design is all about clean lines and minimalistic appearance, and by putting appliances neatly behind cupboard doors, the whole room looks more polished.

As with any of our kitchens, we work to your vision, so whatever you have in mind, we’ll help you create the perfect solution for your home. From cutting-edge style to functional fashion, our team is on hand to help bring your dream kitchen to life.

Our modern kitchens

When you choose to work with Xclusive Kitchens, you can be sure you’ll be getting a top-class service from start to finish. Our installers are highly experienced, working meticulously to create a flawless finish on every kitchen installation. Our modern kitchens are built using top-of-the-range materials and fixings so that your investment in your home is something you can cherish for many years to come.

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