All the kitchens shown have been supplied and fitted by Xclusive Kitchens.

As the old saying goes, the kitchen is the heart of any home. That’s even more relevant today than it has ever been before, given that many of us now find ourselves not just cooking and cleaning in our kitchens, but also eating, socialising and even working. As such, a modern environment which caters to all of those activities is essential for any forward-thinking homeowner.

If that sounds like you, you’re in luck. These 21 fantastic kitchens were all installed in properties in Sheffield and the surrounding area by Xclusive Kitchens in recent times. Available at highly competitive prices, they can help homeowners on a budget catapult their kitchen into the 21st century. Peruse these examples to draw inspiration for your own home, then call or email us to discuss your plans further and obtain a quote.

Two-tone glow

This sleek design marries dark grey and cream for an effortlessly stylish aesthetic, which is only accentuated by the overhead and under-cabinet lighting. From above, a soft purple glow exudes a calming influence on the room, while below, the well-placed spotlights provide floor-level lighting. The silver sparkle worktops and splashbacks add a touch of fun to proceedings, while ingenious space-saving ideas like the built-in oven and microwave combo maximise the surface area.

Space-age sheen

Again, a two-tone effect is used to maximum effect here, with two contrasting shades of grey offering a pleasing dichotomy to the room. The silver sparkle worktops and splashbacks are again in attendance, with their aesthetic attributes picked out well by the atmospheric lighting fixtures. Black fixtures and fittings – such as the amply proportioned American fridge and range cooker – add a futuristic feel to the environment, allowing you to cook up the cuisine of tomorrow, today.

Classical marble

The marble effect laminate worktops in this classic yet modern kitchen immediately capture the eye and work in perfect harmony with the dusty grey gloss of the units and cabinets. The peninsular breakfast bar offers the perfect place for feeding younger members of the household in the morning and hosting guests in a refined setting in the evening. The whole ensemble is crowned by the stark black free-standing cooker and the decorative lights that are strategically placed throughout the room.

Smooth serenity

Nothing communicates elegance quite like the true handleless nature of this stunning kitchen. Its two-tone aesthetic is comprised of dark grey and concrete, with the quartz solid worktops, matching interior and combination lighting setting off the overall impression. Tall larder units provide abundant storage space for instruments and edibles, while the Neff oven and coffee machine provides the latest in cutting-edge home cooking and brewing capabilities.

Glossy graphite

True handleless design comes into its own once again, creating an incredibly clean and streamlined look to this contemporary kitchen. The quartz worktops work perfectly alongside the dust grey graphite units with glossy sides, with staggered lighting offering unparalleled illumination around all of the workspaces. The fridge/freezer unit has been integrated into the existing design for a seamless end product, resulting in a space that feels pristine and polished without being cold or clinical.

Suave simplicity

This unassuming kitchen is attractive for the square edges, straight lines and supreme simplicity of its design. The grey gloss of the units and integrated fridge/freezer are paired with white tiled flooring and quartz worktops and splashbacks for an understated effect. The air of sophistication is completed by the J-pull handleless cabinets and Neff appliances, both of which serve to bring a quiet confidence in its own abilities to those using the space.

Ultra-modern ambience

This modern refit was completely overseen by Xclusive Kitchens, who handled all electrics, plumbing, plasterwork and tiling as part of the comprehensive package. The end product speaks for itself; true handleless white gloss units are complemented by an anthracite rail, quartz worktop and marble-effect flooring. Meanwhile, Neff appliances and hob (with a built-in extractor), alongside a boiling water tap, pop-up sockets and pull-out larders are just some of the progressive and practical features on offer.

Compact creativity

This kitchen goes to show that smaller dimensions don’t have to negate bigger design aspirations. The true handleless white gloss units are combined with Corian solid worktops and silver railing trim, while the presence of Neff appliances throughout add a touch of class and accomplishment to the kitchen’s functionality and appearance. The fact that the whole project was designed from scratch and installed within six weeks demonstrates the efficiency of Xclusive.

Concrete and quartz

These rigid built units come direct from the factory, with their bold contours and concrete finishes communicating an industrial austerity that is the quintessence of contemporary design. The solid quartz worktop is 80mm in thickness and was made bespoke for the job, with a laminate surface that reflects the decorative lighting beautifully. Bosch appliances and true handleless units complete the feeling of uncluttered elegance in this minimalist masterpiece.

Open-plan opulence

Is it the simple sophistication of the monochrome design scheme which makes this kitchen so appealing? Perhaps it’s the marble effect of the flooring which adds a certain opulence to the environment, or maybe it could be the glossy anthracite finish on the J-pull doors that draw the eye, or the peninsular breakfast bar in an open-plan arrangement which steals the show? Most likely of all, it’s a combination of everything; but whatever it is, we can all agree this is one stunning set-up.

Illuminate to impress

Natural light is put front and centre of this bespoke kitchen, with all other design elements chosen to accentuate its attributes. For example, the bronze concrete, solid quartz worktop and gold profiling work in harmony to create an atmosphere of illumination, which is emphasised even further by the decorative lighting at floor and worktop level. With true handleless units and reflective flooring, the homeowner has truly made the most of the space at their disposal with this unique design.

All-in-one kitchen and lounge

This two-tone kitchen is built on solid foundations of concrete and anthracite, while the bronze detailing on the splashbacks and light fixtures and the white sparkle finish of the quartz worktop add a touch of contemporary zing to the display. The true handleless cabinets, motorized pop-up sockets and full suite of Neff appliances make it utterly appropriate for a 21st century professional, while the ranged seating across the breakfast bar do away with the divide between kitchen and living room.

Classy curves

The rounded contours of the immediately attractive island in this kitchen command the attention from the outset, with its navy and marbled quartz construction only enhancing the overall appeal. With ample space to express themselves, the owners haven’t skimped on the essentials, commissioning a full fridge and full freezer separately. That’s in addition to two wine coolers and a pop-up extractor fan, giving the impression that no expense has been spared and no creative genius overlooked in the kitchen’s design.

Rhapsody in monochrome

Again, the copious dimensions of this spacious kitchen are used to full effect with a simple yet serenely stunning monochrome colour scheme. The dust grey cabinets and tall wall units are complemented by a matching carcass, while the true handleless design gives the space a clean and uncluttered appearance. The greyed laminate flooring contributes to the monochrome magnetism of the whole environment, while well-placed lighting fixtures pick out its finest features with tact and style.

Navy blue and gold

Was there ever a more effortlessly classy combination than blue and gold? This kitchen/diner features black true handleless units with gold profile and was, once more, fully commissioned and completed by Xclusive Kitchens. The tall fridge and tall freezer provide plenty of room for perishables, but even further storage space is found in the drinks fridge and cupboard one on side of the island, with high chairs on the other. Neff appliances complete the performance-oriented package.

Concrete and copper

The true handleless nature of the concrete doors in this natural-look kitchen create the illusion that cabinets and cupboards are actually uniform walls! With a copper profile, timber-effect tiling, Neff appliances and a built-in fridge/freezer, the overall effect is one of contemporary charm and coordinated harmony. Strip lighting at floor level and basket lamp shades overhead complete an aesthetic that’s at once refined and raw.

Space-age space efficiency

The modest dimensions of this kitchen certainly don’t hold it back. With a light grey gloss and anthracite profile, the design of this space radiates the strip lighting below and spotlights overhead, thus creating the illusion of a far more expansive area. That’s enhanced further by the matching interiors and true handleless design of the kitchen units, while the full range cooker occupies pride of place in the centre of the arrangement.

Modern tech for a modern kitchen

 All of the latest developments in kitchen design have been deployed to excellent effect in this kitchen to keep it looking at its best for years to come. Anti-fingerprint technology is in place to keep the black matte doors spotless, while the Dekton worktop is UV-resistant and scratch-resistant, ensuring it will stand the test of time. Elsewhere, the bespoke worktop surface, Neff appliances and ingenious lighting structure maximise the appeal of this supremely modern kitchen.

Let there be white!

The glossy white true handleless cupboards and cabinets are complemented by a matching carcass in this spacious kitchen, which makes the most of the area available through its attractive strip lighting and timber-effect floor tiles. The quartz worktop is in keeping with the monochrome appeal of the environment, resulting in a kitchen that feels light, airy and expansive. The whole bespoke design comprises a four- to six-week lead time and an installation duration of just four days.

Copper showstopper

The light grey matte finish of the cabinets, alongside the quartz worktop and marble-effect flooring, contribute a subtle charm to this kitchen layout, which is then given a hefty dose of dynamism through the copper detailing. Most notable on the wall-spanning mirrored splashbacks, this injection of a brighter tone helps to enliven the environment, while the true handleless unit design, strip lighting and Neff appliances never let it lose sight of the sophistication which defines it.

Anthracite attraction

With white walls, worktops and doors alongside off-white floor tiles carrying a marbled effect, any injection of colour was always going to make this kitchen pop. The choice of anthracite ensures that the final outcome is understated rather than ostentatious, an effect which is highlighted further by the true handleless design of the units and the bespoke quartz worktop and splashbacks. Neff appliances complete the picture of clean sheen radiating from this contemporary kitchen design.