Despite being the largest surface in most kitchens, the floor is often an overlooked aspect of interior design for many homeowners. However, selecting the right materials, pattern and colour is crucial to creating a seamless balance with the rest of your décor and achieving the atmosphere you desire.

Prized for its neutrality and compatibility, grey is a popular choice in all rooms of the house at the moment. The kitchen lends itself particularly well to grey’s understated charms, given that it can work just as well in a traditional setting as a contemporary one. Here are some of our favourite grey floor ideas which could complement the surrounding colour scheme in your kitchen.

Versatile tiles

Affordable, durable and practical, it’s no surprise that tiles are an increasingly preferred option for kitchen flooring. These dark grey rectangular tiles are low maintenance, allowing for easy clean-ups whilst being even easier on the eye.

Anthracite attraction

Made from porcelain and finished with an anthracite matte, these hexagonal tiles have more than two sides to their story. The honeycomb pattern is great for introducing something a little different into your kitchen, without being too showy or ostentatious.

Brushed limestone

There’s something reassuring about the timelessness and endurance of rock. These brushed limestone tiles are oversized for a more rugged feel, while their distressed edges guarantee authenticity in any environment.

The lighter side of limestone

Limestone isn’t just available in a single hue, either. These lighter tiles carry all the gravitas of their brushed counterparts, but offer a pleasing contrast to the navy blue of the island in their midst.

Throw me a herringbone

Who said tiles had to follow a basic brickwork pattern? This herringbone layout is ideal for adding an individualistic touch to your kitchen and particularly complements the two-tone monochromatic cupboards.

Airy herringbone

Here’s another occasion on which herringbone has been used to great effect. The porcelain tiles have been finished to resemble timber, while their light and airy grey tones are in keeping with the bright breeziness in the rest of the room.

Polished panache

For even more impact, you could opt for a glossy finish to your tiles. These large, polished numbers come with subtle white veining, adding a classical quality to their surroundings.

The magic of marble

Though made from porcelain, these tiles have been polished up to resemble marble. That means you can enjoy the opulence of the former with the affordability of the latter – a win for the wallet and the feng shui of your home!

Stoney broke?

Want the splendour of limestone, but can’t afford the extravagance? Not to worry – porcelain comes to the rescue again. These off-white tiles have all the visual allure of rugged rock with none of its prohibiting price tag.

Vinyl veneer

While tiles are often affordable, they can become even more so when you opt for imitation ones. These vinyl options look just like slate, but come without any of the cost or upkeep.

Rock solid

On the other hand, if your budget can stretch to it, there’s nothing quite like natural stone to give texture, variation and individuality to your home. These irregularly cut slabs perfectly set off the white and chrome fittings above them.

Flying the flagstones

Alternatively, you could go down the flagstone route. These chunky stones carry a depth and magnitude in the darkness of their grey, making them an ideal choice for a rustic or traditional kitchen aesthetic.

Laminated luxury

Laminate has overtaken timber in the popularity stakes in recent years. It retains all of the aesthetic attributes of its wooden counterpart, but is far cheaper, easier to install and much lower maintenance. The dark grey grain of this floor is paired perfectly with the white units and brown worktops above.

Gnarled dignity

Do you prefer your greys to carry more gravitas and your wood to appear more gnarled and knotty? Again, this homeowner has gone for imitation over authenticity, but the effect is so stunning that no one will be the wiser.

Off-white wood

On the other hand, timber-effect tiles with a lighter hue are ideal for creating a sleek but sunny disposition in a room. The straight lines and grey-white fixtures in this room are accentuated by the off-white faux wood beneath them.

Creamy cleanliness

Going even further towards the lighter end of the grey spectrum, this laminate flooring appears almost white on first glance. However, its juxtaposition with the brilliance of the cabinets and worktops enhances its appeal, generating an aura of hygiene and spotlessness in the kitchen.

Cherry and grey

Of course, grey doesn’t have to always be paired with neutral colours. This daring homeowner has paired a light grey laminate with cherry-coloured wooden cabinets for a simply striking effect.

Variegated vinyl

These two-tone grey tiles are highly unusual in the way that the separate hues blend into one another. The irregularity of the pattern adds character, which is only enhanced by the hexagonal design of the backsplash and the modern minimalism of the bar stools.

Slate sensations

While it might be more expensive and demand a little more care and clean-up, slate unquestionably brings an effortless style to any environment it adorns. These dark grey tiles are laid in a uniform pattern to bring almost military precision to the room’s aura.

Slanted slate

Another kitchen in which slate tiles are the star of the show, this design mixes things up by going with herringbone once more. The durability and quiet dignity of the flooring is complemented by the robustness of the oven and the dark green of the other units.

Basic geometry

The craze for geometric patterns in the kitchen is well and truly underway. These classic grey ceramic tiles have been treated to a matte finish, while their intricate design asserts itself confidently without overly drawing the eye downwards.

Vintage Victorian

For those homeowners who wish to make more a statement with their flooring choice, these Ledbury tiles carry an eye-catching fleur-de-lis inlay that adds an archaic but highly en vogue impression to the kitchen.

Flooring as far as the eye can see

Who said a kitchen floor had to be composed of tiles, slates or squares? This grey vinyl flooring dispenses with edges and extremes altogether, creating the illusion that it simply extends forever.


For an altogether bolder look, why not mix up your marble tones? These slate tiles carry a marbled effect in brown and grey, which blend together mesmerizingly like a faraway galaxy underfoot.

Floral refreshment

Alhambra tiles are made of a highly versatile cement which can be overlaid with all sorts of intricate decorates. This floral arrangement is excellent for injecting energy and dynamism into a modern kitchen.

On a hot streak

The bold streaks of white and grey in these laminate timber tiles make them highly unusual and are sure to elicit comments and compliments from anyone who sets foot on them.

Distressed to impress

The weather-beaten appearance of this wooden flooring works very well alongside the exposed brickwork of the backsplashes. Meanwhile, the grey cabinets and marble counters only enhance the effect of homeliness and honesty.

Totally modular

These modular Mottistone™ tiles are made from porcelain rather than stone, making them much easier to install and maintain. The unevenness of their arrangement adds to their appeal, while they’re even compatible with underfloor heating. What’s not to like?


The classic chessboard flooring, so often associated with kitchens, is given a modern revamp with the addition of grey marbled veining. Alongside the matching worktops and splashbacks, it creates an overall impression that screams (or perhaps politely declares) extravagance and elegance.

Futuristic feng shui

From the sweeping curves of its worktops to the soft glow of its under-cabinet lighting, this space-age kitchen is complemented beautifully by the subtlety and suaveness of its grey subway tiles. Bringing kitchens into the 21st century.

Mix-n-match mosaics

Can’t settle on a single design for your kitchen’s floor tiling? That didn’t stop this homeowner. A mishmash of different mosaics, floral patterns and geometric designs come together to create a chaotic but somehow calming and refined kitchen aesthetic.

Antique attractions

These enormous limestone tiles have been handcrafted using precision tools and limitless patience, meaning they’re truly unique. Situated in this converted barn setting, they look and feel the part of artisanal centrepiece.