Are you the kind of homeowner who shies away from the latest trends and fads? Do you prefer to follow the beat of your own drum when it comes to interior decoration? Do you view the kitchen as the ideal place to express yourself and let your inner whimsy loose on the world?

If any or all of those things sound familiar, these quirky and kitschy ideas could be just the inspiration you need to get creative in the kitchen. Have a perusal of our favourite unusual designs to whet your appetite for interior decoration innovation.

Crazy colours

The colour scheme on this attention-grabbing kitchen is busy, to say the least. With mismatched cabinets and popping handles, it’s a sure-fire way of achieving a unique aesthetic that’s all your own.

Organised chaos

This hectic kitchen corner makes a virtue of clutter. Not only does it pair two bright colours in striking tones, but it positively fills the space with cups, cooking utensils and condiments – but still manages to attain a certain method to its madness.

Bookish minimalism

This sleek and chic kitchen is the polar opposite in that there are no appliances or accoutrements covering any of its pristine surfaces. There, is however, room for plenty of cookbooks in its under-shelf storage.

Bucolic bohemia

This quaint and quirky kitchen combines natural timber surfaces with pastel tones to create an aesthetic that’s both rustic and nonconformist. Plenty of sunlight only accentuates the effect.

Laid-back lunching

This unorthodox kitchen setup sees its central island as both sink, countertop and lounge area all in one. For when stiff-backed kitchen chairs just don’t cut the mustard in comfort terms.

Crammed cupboards

The owners of this well-stocked cupboard have done a remarkable job of squeezing a lot into little. With a toaster on the worktop, cereals above, drawers below and spices and condiments lining the inner doors, not a morsel of space goes to waste.

Eye-catching islands

This expansive kitchen already benefits from natural brickwork and high timber ceilings, but its owners have given it a delightfully idiosyncratic distinction by painting its twin islands bold primary colours.

Daydream in lemon

Apart from the gleaming chrome of the cooker and the polished black of the fittings, this kitchen looks like it’s been hit with a saffron filter. It’s surely impossible not to have a sunny disposition in those environs.

Corner storage

This corner cupboard unit looks almost like an optical illusion or a set of Penrose stairs, but it’s actually an unusual (but inventive) method of transforming a problematic space into a useful one.

Brooding black

Most people opt for light and airy colours when decorating their kitchen – but not this avant-garde interior designer. The black finish and minimalist design create a spartan serenity for its owners.

Pastel pairing

Light tones of pink and blue come together in this deliciously retro ensemble to create a throwback kitchen that’s crying out with kitsch. The whole effect is accentuated with the chequered flooring, too.

Horticultural heaven

What’s the best way to breathe life into a kitchen? Fill it with living specimens, of course! The wall-to-wall horticulture leaves little elbow room or storage space, but it sure does look inviting.

Upcycled island

Who said a kitchen island had to comprise an expensive installation? This shabby chic upcycling effort repurposes a cart as a movable island, while its transparent underbelly merely accentuates the space around it.

Shiver me timbers!

The architects of this kitchen must really be at one with Mother Nature. By incorporating wood into their design as much as possible, they have invoked the idea of cooking dinner inside a tree.

Unusual storage habits

Drawers are for cutlery and crockery, right? Think again. These zany home chefs have decided to repurpose their storage units for perishables and bottles of pop. Perhaps less practical than visually appealing.

Swanky and sophisticated

The levels of glamour and glitz in this kitchen are off the chart. With stained timber on the walls and ceiling, twin wine fridges bigger than most cellars and dangling crystal chandeliers, it’s very swish indeed.

North African appeal

The brilliance blue of the tiled counters and the mosaic of the splashbacks make this kitchen reminiscent of a Moroccan riad. If only the dishes prepared in it were as sumptuous as that country’s cuisine!

Gastronomy on the go

The owners of this camper van have really pulled the stops out with their kitchen décor. Although the hanging pots and pans don’t lend themselves well to bumps in the road, the self-contained nature of the setup is hugely impressive in itself.

Honeycomb splashback

The hexagonal design of this kitchen’s splashback is unusual enough, but the apparently unfinished nature of it just adds to the quirky appeal. Topped off with ornamental pine cones and a stunning skyline, it’s a kitchen befitting any dynamic young go-getter.

Camping kitchen

Who said an outdoor kitchen couldn’t have all the mod cons? This al fresco specimen contrasts a tarpaulin tent shell with a fully equipped kitchen unit, complete with a microwave masquerading as a safe.

Rainbow splashback

The unique splashback in this futuristic kitchen combines all the colours of the spectrum for a tie-dye effect that makes it looks like it’s been raining paint.

Psychedelic splashback

On the other hand, this designer has gone for a more kaleidoscopic combination of colours. The warm tones of red, pink and yellow extend a hearty welcome, while flashes of blue and green betray a penchant for peacocking among the owners.

Under table storage

How many of us own a table which extends to meet the demands of more dinner guests? And how many of us utilise that space the rest of the time? These smart cookies have stumbled across a space-saving life hack we can all enjoy.

Curving contours

Did someone let Antoni Gaudí loose on this kitchen? The wavy lines and complimentary colours of its design recall the flowing structures of Parc Güell or La Sagrada Familia. Like cooking in a surrealist masterpiece.

Ahead of the curve

The sweeping curve of this kitchen’s central island makes excellent use of the space to give its chef plenty of room to manoeuvre. It’s also incredibly easy on the eye, as well.

Eclectic oeuvre

The higgledy-piggledy nature of this kitchen can’t help but bring a smile to your face. From the bold and brash contrasts of its colours to the handmade knickknacks adorning its wall, it’s a quirky kitchen lovers’ dream.

The connoisseur’s corner

This corner cabinet is surely the envy of wine lovers all over the world. With plenty of storage space to stack your best vintages, as well as hanging rack for glasses on the inside of its doors, it’s as functional as it is fetching.

Hexagons underfoot

Is there a more visually arresting kitchen floor than this vibrant hexagonal design? Set off by timber walls, hanging orbs and matching colours on the tiled backsplash, it’s a real treat for the eyes.

Space-age surroundings

With its glossy cream colours, sweeping lines, underfoot lighting and angled oven hood, this kitchen screams space ship. Let’s just hope it doesn’t answer to the name of Hal.

Cosmic countertops

The swirling colours of the marble in this kitchen are out of this world! Accentuated by a monochrome colour scheme in the rest of the room, it’s an intergalactic environment for cosmic food preparation.

Country living at its finest

All of the elements in this kitchen marry perfectly together to create an overwhelming impression of bucolic bliss. From the patterned blinds to the timber walls to the oversized aga to the spotless countertops, it’s the perfect place to cook up a feast on a weekend away in the country.

Built-in fish bowl

A head-turning aquarium takes up the entirety of one of the walls in this hyper-modern kitchen. If seafood is on the menu, it doesn’t get fresher than fishing it out of the tank in front of you. Joking aside, however, it’s certain to keep things calm for those who can’t handle the heat.