Our Top 20 Tiny Kitchen Design Ideas

The kitchen is the heart and soul of any family home. It’s a place to share food, share company and share time. But not every home is blessed with a generously proportioned kitchen; yet, that doesn’t have to mean it’s not a wonderful space. Taking a creative approach to tiny kitchen design can allow you to create a functional, beautiful space that works for you and your family.

We’ve put together some of our favourite small kitchen design pictures with modern and traditional styles both represented. Have a browse through our collection for inspiration on your own projects and see if you can’t learn to love your tiny kitchen space.

1. Island Living

An island workspace is a wonderful addition to any tiny kitchen design. Not only does it provide extra worktop space for food preparation, it can also be valuable additional storage for all your kitchen gadgets. Some kitchen islands can also double as a breakfast bar or dining table, adding more functionality to your room.

2. Dual purpose features

If you’ve got fixed features in your kitchen, why not put them to best use? We love how this householder has put an otherwise intrusive window ledge to practical use by turning it into a breakfast bar.

3. Bespoke to fit your space

This U-shaped kitchen makes the most of the space available, but have you noticed anything unusual about it? The counter on the left is narrower than that on the right, making it possible to have a galley kitchen design whilst still leaving a decent space in the middle.

4. Sleek lines and bright lighting

This handleless kitchen is perfect for the small space, with nothing jarring the sleek, clean lines of the cabinets. The under-counter lighting coupled with the artistic overhead spotlighting helps to bring the room to life, making it feel bigger than it actually is.

5. Light and airy meets traditional

Just because your tastes are traditional doesn’t mean you can’t make your small kitchen wonderfully modern too. The exposed beam and wood flooring give this period property a sense of tradition, while the white finish and integrated appliances drive away the shadows and make it feel wonderfully up to date too.

6. Mixing textures for effortless interest

These mismatched tiles with their varying textures create a sense of intrigue and excitement in this tiny kitchen design. The rustic wooden shelf and Belfast sink add to the traditional feel, perfectly complemented by the antique brass tap.

7. Colour me happy

Warm colours work well in small kitchens, particularly where modern touches are desired. Yellows bring in warm, happy light, which is bounced around by the high gloss cabinets. The introduction of aqua green in the tiling and accessories gives this tiny kitchen a real tropical vibe.

8. The shape of you

Who says your tiny kitchen has to be square? If a more rounded design works better for you, then why shouldn’t you have what you love? We adore this slinky curved design and can just picture ourselves cooking up a storm with everything within arm’s reach.

9. Dare to go dark

Light and airy doesn’t have to be the rule, even in tiny kitchens. Greys which run on the warm side of the spectrum can look thoroughly dramatic, and very on trend right now. The addition of bold orange accessories really works well here with the rough brick wall, and the neat condiments shelf on the right is a brilliant use of otherwise wasted space.

10. Industrial beauty

Stainless steel doesn’t have to be reserved for the commercial kitchen. In fact, the way it plays with the light and the practicalities of this material make it an excellent choice for a teeny tiny kitchen. The hardwood worktop complements the steel cabinets beautifully, and by using all the vertical space available, there’s plenty of storage too.

11. Traditional modernity

Marrying up the very traditional cabinets with their brass shell handles to a modern, functional kitchen is always a challenge, but this design has done the job perfectly. To lighten up the dark wood, the white tiles are super reflective, and the modern skylight is perfect for letting daylight flood in.

12. Making use of dead space

Kitchen corners are always an issue. Do you have a cupboard on the right, or the left? Coming up with creative solutions to make the most of all the space available is key in a small kitchen design. This unusual drawer maximises the potential storage without getting in the way of other kitchen areas.

13. Open plan, but not…

When you’re stuck with an open plan kitchen-diner, sometimes it can be nice to really define the different areas. This cube style kitchen effectively separates the room, but without throwing up walls and making things feel cramped. It’s a pretty neat solution and allows for some unique design touches.

14. Smoothly does it

This standalone, all in one kitchen might be a bit ‘out there’ for some householder’s taste, but we think it’s pretty awesome. The curved shape lets the space naturally flow, and the high gloss units lend a really modern touch to this space age design.

15. Tucked away and tidy

Keeping a tiny kitchen free from clutter is one of the best ways to make it feel more spacious. Tucking away appliances and other worktop space hogs helps to create clean lines and a tidy appearance throughout the room.

16. Shades of grey

Grey is very on trend right now, but when you’re looking for colours for a tiny kitchen, seek out those greys which are on the warm side. This warm grey works brilliantly in this traditional kitchen, and offsets the tones in the worktops wonderfully.

17. Pause for reflection

Playing with light in small kitchens is great fun. This tiny kitchen with it’s exposed beam ceiling could have felt very cramped and oppressive. By using stainless steel and highly polished granite worktops, the room has kept its traditional feel without feeling claustrophobic.

18. Colour me happy

There’s nothing wrong with colour in a kitchen, and this tiny kitchen has really done it well. The colourful splashback and matched worktop really pops against the high gloss cabinets, giving it a fun, frivolous image which still retain plenty of light.

19. Retro fun

If you love nothing more than a bit of colour in your life, sourcing retro cool tiles can be a great addition to your tiny kitchen. We love this fun and funky space, complete with Belfast sink and hardwood worktops. The orange on the walls contrasts wonderfully with the greenery, and we’re sure every day would feel like summer in this pretty little kitchen.

20. Mirror, mirror

Mirrors in kitchens fell out of favour for a long time, but we’re pleased to see they’re experiencing something of a renaissance. Mirrored splashbacks are a great way to bounce light around, and to trick the eye into believing the room is larger than it is. If a solid mirror is a bit too much for your taste, metallic tiles such as these are a great way to add glamour and sparkle.

Getting to grips with tiny kitchen design often requires some out of the box thinking. As you can see from our small kitchen design pictures modern and traditional design can both have a place in even the smallest of kitchens. Innovative solutions to storage, light and working space can transform the most compact of spaces into a kitchen to love. Talk to us about your ideas and dreams and find out how we can help create your perfect kitchen design.