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Always popular, the Traditional Kitchen is comforting, homely, a place to cook, and a room enjoyed by the whole family. Simple, yet sophisticated,  our Traditional Kitchens use natural high-quality materials tailored to your requirements. We offer a range of finishes to provide you with the look and feel that meets your specification. Whether it is a wood finish, granite, or quartz countertops, we have the solutions. All elements of your kitchen are brought together into the design so that your kitchen becomes the meeting place for family and family.
Wood finishes, sometimes using aging techniques
Solidly built from high quality materials such as oak
Decorative touches on cabinets, light fittings and handles
Luxury countertops from materials such as granite or quartz

We find our customers choose traditional kitchens for a range of reasons. It may be that their home is a period property, therefore lending itself perfectly to the more traditional styles. People with modern homes also love traditional kitchens because they know they will never go out of fashion. This means they will always be popular when it comes to selling the property.

If your priority is to invest in a kitchen that is built to last a lifetime, the traditional style may well suit you. We’re here to help you design the perfect traditional kitchen for your home, whether you want something spacious and grand or a solution to a more modest amount of space. Talk to us today about your vision for your home, and we’ll help you breathe life into your dream kitchen.

What is a traditional kitchen?

A traditional kitchen can, to some extent, be what you want it to be, as you still have the option to add your own touches to the design and finish. However, if you’re going for a traditional style, there are some hallmark features that are typical of this type of design, such as:

  • Wood finishes, sometimes using aging techniques
  • Solidly built from high-quality materials such as oak
  • Neutral colours on the walls and tiles
  • Decorative touches on cabinets, as well as light fittings and handles
  • Luxury countertops from materials such as granite or quartz

Of course, your kitchen design is in your hands, so its up to you to specify the exact finish you desire. But if you’re looking to create a very traditional kitchen, these features are a good place to start.

Our traditional kitchens

Here at Xclusive Kitchens, we specialise in designing and installing top-of-the-range kitchens at affordable prices for homes in and around Sheffield and the North of England. Our expert design and installation team can create for you your perfect kitchen solution, incorporating all the features and functions you desire.

We only work with the very best materials, so if you’d like your traditional kitchen to be built from oak, finished with brass handles or to incorporate a luxury marble worktop, we can help. Talk to our team today about your dream kitchen, and we’ll use our expertise to bring your dream to beautiful reality.