The floor really helps bring the whole kitchen together and complements the other design choices you make when designing the kitchen. The floor is the largest single component of a kitchen, or any room for that matter, which makes you wonder why is it always overlooked in the kitchen?

Black is a timeless and adaptable palette to work with in any room but in a kitchen, it can really boost and accentuate the other tones while looking elegant in a monochromatic or all-black design.

Solid Black is a versatile but strong colour choice for a floor – it can be exuberant and bold but also minimalist and understated. Black is pretty neutral in the sense that it works with most other colours, and can operate in different ways depending on the other colour choices – with bright or bolder colours, black can help to boost the vibrancy and really make the colours pop whereas with white or grey, black can blend seamlessly to create minimalist monochromatic excellence.

1 – Glossy Black Marble Tiles

Tiling in general is pretty versatile, you have a good selection of shapes and sizes as well as tones and textures when choosing tiles. That being said, black marble tiles are the peak of kitchen luxury, just the phrase itself is synonymous with household extravagance. What’s more, the glossy finish on these tiles makes them much easier to clean and maintain the original sheen.

2 – Anthracite Delight

Durable and a lot more affordable than our previous choice, anthracite is a pretty solid and reliable option, furthermore in black it should suit just about any kitchen. For affordability we’d recommend matte anthracite but if you want to add a little touch of glam to your kitchen then we’d recommend springing for a glossy finish.

3 – Beautiful Black Slate

If you want a natural but elegant looking black floor then perhaps slate tiles are your best option. Though they may look and feel a little rough to the touch, slate floors are among the nicest kitchen floors to look at and stand on.

4 – Black Stained Hardwood 

Though not naturally black, this hardwood flooring still looks great and the staining process adds an extra layer of tone to the floor as opposed to simply being a solid black colour there is a further depth of shade.

5 – Shadowy Laminated Oak Herringbone

The herringbone style is favoured by many and it’s easy to see why, the plank connection is slick and aesthetically pleasing, even more so with beautiful dark oak tiles. The lamination on top of this makes them easy to clean and highly resistant to damage meaning you can have fresh beautiful kitchen floors for a long time.

6 – Black Tiles with White Accents

The white detailing contrasts perfectly with the dark tiles to add an element of flair to a monochromatic kitchen floor. This classic pattern can be used to complement a minimal, light and breezy colored kitchen or fit right in within a similarly patterned kitchen design.

7 – Ornate Patterned Tiles

These types of patterns are classic, particularly in traditional Italian and Spanish homes, black and white is a classic colour choice which nonetheless makes the floor look contemporary while also being timeless. This type of floor can act as a centrepiece or blend perfectly into almost any monochromatic kitchen.

8 – Quirky Black Tiles in Varied Sizes

To the untrained eye, this type of design may appear rough or unfinished but many will appreciate the creativity here. Having a floor composed of differently sized tiles offers a unique quality to almost any kitchen.

9 – Painted Wooden Floors

Many kitchens have wooden floors, however, sometimes the natural colour of the wood may not match the rest of the kitchen. Painting your wooden floors black is a more affordable way of obtaining an elegant black kitchen floor.

10 – Hexagonal Black Tiles

If traditional rectangular tiles don’t suit your taste why not explore the quirkiness of hexagonal tiles. Hexagonal tiles can work especially well in smaller kitchens to give extra depth and dimension to limited spaces.

11 – Star and Cross-Shaped Slate Tiles

Geometric shapes like these are great for adding a sense of visual intrigue to the most overlooked part of the kitchen; the floor. The visual intrigue further enhanced by the more natural texture of the slate which can complement either monochromatic kitchens or those comprised of natural hues.

12 – Black Tile and Wood Combo

This may be an unexpected design idea but we think it looks great. If you can’t choose between wood and black tiles, why not choose both?

13 – Black Polished Concrete

If you’re going for an industrial design in your cooking space then black polished concrete is arguably the best choice. The inky sheen this floor exudes works perfectly with decadent ebony cabinets and looks cutting edge.

14 – Glossy Black Mosaic Tile

This one blurs the line between a kitchen floor and a work of art. Perhaps it can be both. The tiny hexagonal tiles with their glossy ebony finish makes for a kitchen floor as black as night that shines like a star.

15 – Glossy Black Hardwood Floor

Long planks with a cosmic black glossiness, what’s not to like? Well, basically nothing, a glossy back hardwood floor shines in kitchens of almost any design.

16 – Black and White Checkerboard Tiles

These tiles look classic and timeless yet they are sure to draw the eye and command attention in any kitchen. This is not to say that a checkerboard design will overshadow or diminish the other elements of your kitchen but they do look truly stunning.

17 – Weathered Black Wood

This raw-looking, worn-in design choice would complement a more natural looking kitchen perfectly. There is beauty in these weathered, well-loved floor planks. You may choose to go for upcycled planks to add a sustainable element to your beautiful new kitchen.

18 – Black Arabesque Patterned Tiles

This is a truly unique floor tile pattern. This pattern is very typical in Arabic nations, having been used for centuries in households, however, it appears more contemporary when used in the west. Furthermore, this floor pattern will help set you apart as an obvious tastemaker, a truly stylish and unique design.

19 – Large Square Black Tiles

It might seem odd to say, but somehow using larger individual tiles feels infinitely more modern. There’s something about these types of tiles that feels truly contemporary and there’s no better shade form them than deep black.

20 – Black Stone Herringbone

What could make dark stone floors better? Definitely arranging the tiles in the superb herringbone formation.

21 – Trendy Terrazzo Tiles

These Italian-style tiles are all the rage today, this trendy tile style has taken the industry by storm and it shows no signs of slowing down. The deep black base with lighter specks of white and grey make a statement.

22 – Matte Marble Magnificence 

If you’re not feeling the exuberant feel of a glossy floor then maybe a more understated matte black marble floor is for you. This is a more natural less ostentatious option for the marble lovers out there.

23 – Scandinavian Black Wood

The word Scandinavian holds a lot of weight when it comes to home and furniture design; quality and minimalism being arguably the most obvious meaning. These black wooden floors represent both of those aspects and more.

24 – Ornate Excellence

These tiles are so chic. Classic, contemporary and timeless merge in this gorgeous ornate black kitchen floor design.

25 – Noir Honeycomb Tile Pattern

This is a classic style that is perhaps a little overlooked when it comes to modern kitchen design. This is definitely a contemporary choice ripe for a resurgence.

26 – Black Tiles with Brass Details

A black tile perfectly lends itself perfectly to a minimalist kitchen design. Going further than that, the brass hints on this floor are the perfect little extra, a minimal accent that really adds depth and character to the floor.

27 – Painted Tiles

We previously looked at painting wooden floors but painting tiles allows you to create your own design using black as the base colour. We would generally recommend not straying far from black and white in this case but the pattern combinations you can create are almost infinite. 

28 – Bold Black Brick

Black bricks are a simple yet effective floor style. The connecting space between each brick forms a beautiful pattern which really makes this floor stand out.

29 – Mixed Marble Tones

So, we’ve done your standard black marbles, but why not try mixing and matching marble tones; black with grey, black with white or black with slightly lighter or darker black. These may seem like strange choices but the results can be phenomenal. 

30 – Modular Madness

Though we’ve looked at floors that use tiles with varying sizes, the design in this flooring turns chaos into brilliance by using tile shapes and sizes that appear totally random yet slot together in a modular way that fits perfectly.

31 – Black and White Diamonds 

Similar to the regular checkerboard pattern, the squares are rotated and placed in opposing positions to create this amazing diamond pattern. This is seriously cool!

32 – Floral Beauty

This is such a great idea, truly beautiful flooring, a pattern that looks both ornate yet the shape is so simple it could be viewed as minimal. This is true excellence when it comes to black (and white) flooring.