The best colours for a small kitchen

The best colours for a small kitchen

Which do you think are the best colours for a small kitchen? Pastels? Neutrals? Brights? But the real challenge her is about how to make a small kitchen feel bigger, right? Because, unless you happen to live on a footballer’s salary, chances are you’re making do with a kitchen which is not exactly as you’d have designed it.

British homes are shrinking, and along with them the kitchens. The average UK kitchen of today is around 12.6 square meters, compared to the kitchens of the 1960’s which would have been more than 15.3 square meters. Dealing with reduced space leads us to ask how we can be better organised, more inventive with our spaces, and how we can use colour to prevent feeling cramped.

If you’re looking at redecorating your kitchen, here’s some advice on your choice of paint colours to help overcome the challenge of a somewhat petite kitchen space.

Best kitchen paint colours

Kitchen colours have traditionally erred on the side of caution, with the majority opting for neutral shades such as magnolia or cream. The more intrepid may branch out with a touch of pastel blue or yellow, but is there any reason to stick to these somewhat ‘safe’ colours in the kitchen?

In truth, not really. There’s nothing to say that a pop of bright colour will stop your kitchen feeling homely, stylish and beautiful. However, there are some rules about kitchen colours which are worth bearing in mind, for instance:

  • Steer clear of cold colours: Cool shades like blues, greens and violets are scientifically proven to not encourage hunger, so are not great for a kitchen.
  • Brights are good… in moderation: Bright, warm colours such as reds, yellows and oranges are passionate hues and are great for stimulating appetite too. However, if you include so much that your kitchen starts to become dark, oppressive or overpowering, it could have the opposite effect.
  • Neutrals don’t have to be boring: Rich chocolate, deep mocha, earthy beige and autumnal red… not every neutral shade is magnolia, so don’t avoid these relaxing, enticing colours on principle as you could be missing a gem.
  • Let your cabinets be the star: If you’re planning to have more than one colour in your kitchen, it usually pays to let your cabinets take on the darker or more intense shade. Shaker style cabinets are ideal for colour, as are high gloss units, which can be complemented with a more toned-down shade on the walls.

Now you know the basic rules of colours in kitchens, let’s take a look at the very best colours for a small kitchen to add light, space and fun.

The best colours for a small kitchen

Let’s dive right in and discuss the very best colour choices for your small kitchen.

White: It’s not for everyone, but bright white is an amazing choice to add light, space and a modern touch to any small kitchen. However, if you’re a bit of a messy cook, white or off-white put your walls in danger of stains.

Grey neutrals: Off-white’s that are closer to a grey can create a similar look to crisp white, but without the worry of stains and splashes showing too badly. Grey is a top trend for 2018, and there are loads of tones you can choose from to complement your worktops and other furniture.

Yellow: If you want to create a bright, sunny space, nothing does the job quite like yellow. It’s bright and bold, and even on a grey day the ambient light will feel sunny and warm. Use it as an accent colour rather than daubing a whole wall in it, as it could get a little much in huge quantities.

Blueish greens: Warm blues and bluish greens (think mint, turquoise, aqua, duck egg) are known to have a calming effect, so if your life is a little hectic and you’d like your kitchen to be an oasis of peace, these can be a great choice.

Using colours in your small kitchen doesn’t have to mean painting the walls alone. Often it can look really effective to have cabinets in a bold, interesting colour, and then to paint the walls in a more toned down yet complementary shade. There’s no hard and fast rules to which colours will make your small kitchen look bigger, but keeping things clean, uncluttered and complementary will go a long way to achieving what you want.

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