Kitchen Islands

If there’s anything that epitomises a luxurious kitchen, it’s the addition of a wonderful kitchen island. As the heart of your home, the kitchen will only become more functional, attractive and versatile by adding one of these perfect pieces. Just picture your family gathered around the island for brunch on a Sunday or sharing a glass of wine with your best friend as you chat across the counter.


Why choose a kitchen island for your home?

There are so many reasons to add a kitchen island, and your priorities will be unique to you. For many of our clients, however, some of the reasons they enjoy the addition of a kitchen island include:

  • A great gathering point: If you love to cook for your friends and family, a kitchen island gives everyone somewhere to sit and chat while you cook up a culinary delight
  • More space to cook: Another positive for those who love to create in the kitchen is the additional space for chopping, plating, mixing and preparing provided by the island counter
  • More storage: If you think you’ve got enough storage in your kitchen, we don’t believe you. Most homes are pushed for space to keep everything, and a kitchen island can add valuable real estate for recycling, kitchen gadgets, your best china or anything else
  • Perfect for kids: Kids will love your kitchen island, because it’s the perfect place to do homework, help with dinner, eat and generally feel part of the action
  • Completely yours: The options for the design, materials and specification of your kitchen island are completely up to you, so you can make it as unique as you are



Here at Xclusive Kitchens, we specialise in the design and installation of kitchen islands to suit your needs. The size, shape and build of your island is designed around you, so that you can maximise your enjoyment of your new kitchen space. Talk to our team today about a kitchen island for your home and enjoy the versatile benefits that they bring.