Tangaroa Color Centrepiece Media Wall with Panoramic Electric Fire

Xclusive Kitchens was tasked with creating a luxurious and modern entertainment space for a high-profile client. The client, a successful entrepreneur with a penchant for cutting-edge technology and contemporary aesthetics, expressed a desire for a striking focal point in their living room.

Tangaroa Color Centrepiece Media Wall with Panoramic Electric Fire
Tangaroa Color Centrepiece Media Wall with Panoramic Electric Fire

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Client Requirements:

  1. Innovative Design: The client wanted a unique centrepiece that combined technology and aesthetics seamlessly.
  2. Multifunctional Element: The design should incorporate a media wall for entertainment and a panoramic electric fire for ambience.
  3. Tangaroa Color Scheme: The client was drawn to the Tangaroa colour palette, characterized by deep blues, aquamarines, and hints of gold. This colour scheme was to be integrated into the centrepiece.

Solution: Tangaroa Color Centrepiece Media Wall with Panoramic Electric Fire

Design Concept:

Xclusive Kitchens conceptualized a bespoke media wall with a built-in panoramic electric fire, marrying form and function. The Tangaroa colour scheme was artfully applied to enhance the visual appeal.

Key Features:

  1. Media Wall: A state-of-the-art media wall with a large, high-definition display was seamlessly integrated into the design. This allowed the client to enjoy a cinematic experience without compromising the aesthetic appeal of the living room.
  2. Panoramic Electric Fire: A cutting-edge electric fire system spanning the entire width of the media wall was installed. The flames, created with advanced LED technology, provided a realistic and mesmerizing focal point. The intensity and colour of the flames can be customized to match the Tangaroa colour scheme.
  3. Intelligent Controls: The entire centrepiece was equipped with smart controls, allowing the client to manage the media, lighting, and fire settings through a mobile app or voice commands.
  4. Custom Furniture: Complementary pieces like a sleek console and comfortable seating were designed to complete the ensemble. These pieces also adhered to the Tangaroa colour scheme, creating a harmonious and cohesive look.


The Tangaroa colour centrepiece media wall with a panoramic electric fire exceeded the client’s expectations. The innovative design fulfilled the functional requirements and added a touch of luxury and sophistication to the living space. The personalized Tangaroa colour scheme brought the entire room a sense of uniqueness and cohesion.


This case study illustrates how the fusion of advanced technology, thoughtful design, and a personalized colour palette can result in a bespoke centrepiece that not only meets the client’s specifications but elevates the overall aesthetic of the living space.

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