Contemporary Living Room with Multi-Level Tray Ceiling, Marble-Effect Media Wall, and Ceramic Tile Flooring

Here is a case study of a breath-taking Project done by Xclusive Kitchen.
A Leeds city-based resident, a dynamic and design-conscious couple, was eager to transform their living room into a modern haven. They envisioned a space that seamlessly blended sophistication with functionality, featuring a multi-level tray ceiling with innovative LED lighting, a marble-effect media wall, and a sleek electric fireplace.
The clients desired a contemporary and stylish living room that reflected their taste for modern design.

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contemporary media wall
marbel effect media wall with fire
contemporary media wall
marbel effect media wall with fire

Key Features:

  1. Multi-Level Tray Ceiling with LED Lighting:
    • The tray ceiling design featured multiple levels to add depth and interest to the room.
    • Discreet LED lighting was strategically inserted along the joints of the stretch ceiling canvas, offering ambient lighting that can be customized to suit various moods.
  1. Marble-Effect Media Wall:
    • The media wall was crafted with a high-quality marble-effect finish, providing a luxurious and timeless aesthetic.
    • Four top shelves were incorporated, each equipped with LED strip lighting to showcase the Andersons’ decorative items, while two large bottom shelves offered practical storage.
  1. Ceramic Tile Flooring:
    • Large ceramic tiles in a neutral tone were chosen for the flooring, creating a sleek and polished foundation for the room.
    • The ceramic tiles added a touch of sophistication while being easy to maintain.
  1. Electric Fireplace:
    • A contemporary electric fireplace was seamlessly integrated at the base of the marble-effect media wall, serving as a focal point and adding warmth to the living space.
    • The fireplace design complemented the modern theme, providing aesthetic appeal and functionality.


The result was a stunning contemporary living room that perfectly encapsulated the client’s vision. The multi-level tray ceiling, marble-effect media wall, ceramic tile flooring, and electric fireplace created a harmonious and inviting space that exceeded the client’s expectations.


This case study demonstrates how thoughtful integration of design elements, such as a multi-level tray ceiling with LED lighting, a marble-effect media wall, and large ceramic tiles, can transform a living room into a sophisticated and functional haven tailored to the unique preferences of homeowners.

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