Kitchen Taps

You wouldn’t think that new kitchen taps would really make a big difference, but they do. Whether it’s increasing the functionality of your sink, creating a more stylish appearance or a bit of both, choosing the right taps for your kitchen can really bring your design to life.

Types of kitchen tap


There’s a huge range of kitchen taps for you to choose from, so whatever your personal preference, we can help you find the right taps for your needs. Some of the popular styles include:

  • Monoblock taps: A single spout, with the water temperature controlled by either one or two handles
  • Pillar taps: Two separate taps, one for how and one for cold, available with a range of levers, knobs or cross shaped handles
  • Deck mixer taps: If you’ve got two tap holes by want a mixer tap, you can choose the deck mixer which gathers water from the two tap holes and delivers it via a single spout
  • Pull out taps: These spray kitchen taps can be removed from their fixings and directed to other parts of the kitchen

As well as deciding on the type of tap you’d like you also have infinite choices in terms of the design, materials and functionality of your chosen kitchen taps. Pick from stainless steel, chrome, copper or brushed nickel, or choose a coloured tap in hues such as gold, black, white and more.

Modern taps can also be supplied with additional features, such as LED indicators to let you know the temperature of the water, or even systems which filter the water for you as it runs through the tap. For more advice on types of taps for your kitchen, and what’s going to be right for you, talk to our team today.