Handleless kitchens

One of the most popular requests from our customers right now is for what is known as the ‘handleless’ kitchen. As the name implies, these kitchens are designed with no handles, knobs or other protrusions to get in the way. Instead, doors and drawers work on a push open mechanism, usually closing with soft close hinges too.

If you’re after a contemporary look that’s unspoilt by interruptions, handleless kitchens really maximise the sleek lines and beautiful finish you can achieve. Not only that, but they are a dream to clean, with no handles to work around, and result in a timelessly elegant look that is unlikely to fall out of favour any time soon.

Types of handleless kitchen

There are various options for you to choose from if you’re thinking about a handleless kitchen. Some of the most popular choices include:

• Overhead cabinets: Handleless overhead cabinets feature doors that hang down just a little further than the carcass, giving you a lip at the bottom to use to open the door.
• True handleless: This features a continuous rail built into the cabinet which creates a space for you to grip and open the drawers and doors
• Moulded finger pulls: With this type of handleless design, a channel is routed into the door or drawer front which creates a lip for you to use to pull it open
• Metal finger pulls: Popular in the 70s and 80s, these types of finger pulls are typically made of aluminium and sit over the top of the drawer or at the side of the door, giving you something to get hold of. Technically these are actually handles, but still achieve that sleek, desirable finish of the handleless kitchen.
• Push to open: Probably the most refined and certainly one of the most popular, the push to open mechanism does away with the need for any channels, grooves, lips or rails and leaves a completely flush finish to all the kitchen furniture. Push to open can be manual, using a spring system to pop the door open, or electric, which is more expensive but really swish to use.



As well as choosing the mechanism of handleless kitchen you want, you’ll still have all the usual choices of style, finish, materials and layout to decide on. Feeling overwhelmed? Talk to our expert team today about your ideas for a handleless kitchen, and we’ll help you make the very best choices.