Eko 3025


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Mirror finish cheeks captivate the flame picture with an energetic and inviting charm making this one of our most popular fires. Now with Fingerslide control for easy operation.

The eko 3020 incorporates a cleverly designed heat exchanger that provides additional convected heat at no extra running cost, therefore increasing efficiency to 67%.



Fire Type Slimline Convector
Chimney/Flue Requirements Conventional Chimney
Pre-cast flue
pre-fabricated flue (Min.5″)
Efficiency 67%
Control Type Finger Slide
Heat Input (Max/Min) Gross 6.2kW / 3.5kW
Heat Output (Max/Min) Gross 4.1kW / 2.3kW
Running Costs Per Hour (Max/Min)* 26.47p / 14.95p
Outline Dimensions** W480 x H590 x D122 (mm)
Installation Inset – Fireplace
Safety Oxygen Depletion Sensor
Flame Failure Device
Options Coal or pebble fuelbed
Choice of frets and frames**
Removable stainless steel side cheeks


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